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"I got intensive training as a JIRA Administrator with ClearHub. The courses were designed by their experienced contractors. I aced my tests and ClearHub recommended me for my first project.

Their support meant I was confident taking the job. The client was really happy with my work, and I was able to apply so much of what I'd learned."

Daniel Tombs | Atlassian Contractor

Matching Atlassian-skilled contractors with Atlassian-related projects

ClearHub is where project managers and software development leaders come to find the best tried, tested and trusted contractors with expertise in the Atlassian toolset. Whether you need a specialist with experience in your tool-suite, or someone able to help you develop your own plug-in, we have the most comprehensive database of respected contractors.

If your business is looking for an Atlassian specialist skilled Contractor to join a fixed-term project, and you want the reassurance of tested, proven skills and back up from an experienced, expert team, ClearHub is for you. Search through our pool of trusted, Atlassian-skilled professionals to find the perfect fit for your project. We have the expertise and a large network of proven experts with Atlassian migration, integration, admin and development in our network of consultants and contractors. Whether it’s Confluence, JIRA, Git, or your own tool-suite, we’ll have the experience contractors ready to help. Get the best of the contractor marketplace, tried, tested, reviewed, trained and supported by the best consultancy and training team available.

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Rest assured knowing your project is in skilled hands, backed up and supported by Atlassian Experts. We’ll be in touch with both you and the contractor to make sure the work gets completed to best practice and to your requirements.