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About ClearHub

ClearHub is the online marketplace for businesses to find independent, self-employed professionals with expertise in the Atlassian toolset.

All ClearHub contractors are proven experts in their tool specialties (e.g. Confluence, JIRA or Git). Having experienced contractors, tested by our Atlassian partners, all projects undertaken through ClearHub are backed up by Clearvision's experienced support team.

Clearvision and ClearHub support global enterprises with the largest network of atlassian contractors.
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How does it work?

By selecting a ClearHub contractor, you will have the assurance that they have been approved by Clearvision. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and a world leader in agile transformation and the tools that enable it, Clearvision tests, upskills and supports all potential contractors before and during all of our projects.

As well as ClearHub contractors undergoing a robust interview and testing process prior to approval by Clearvision, ClearHub is also able to offer clients ongoing technical support and account management. This means the ClearHub team works proactively with you throughout the duration of the project, with our support desk available seven days a week.

Most importantly, ClearHub values your opinion. Your continuous feedback on your project's progress and your contractor help ensure success and influence contractor rankings.

About Clearvision

Supporting ClearHub is the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision, a world leader in software development.

Clearvision’s expert consultants have considerable experience in the Atlassian stack and Git, as well as a range of other industry leading tools and agile best practices. Clearvision’s consultants help businesses implement tools, uniquely customise and configure them, boost user adoption, train users, perform environment health checks, offer advice, perform system upgrades and much more. Clearvision supports some of the biggest enterprise organisations with their tooling, processes, hosting, maintenance and more.

All ClearHub contractors have been tested and approved by these expert consultants, guaranteeing a high calibre pool of contractors.

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