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Client FAQs

Q: What will it cost, and do I have to pay up front?

The cost of work depends on many variables, such as length of contract, level of work to be undertaken, seniority of skills required and so on.

Q: How do I contact one of ClearHubs contractors to discuss a potential project?

ClearHub takes care of the entire process for you, including all initial contact between you and the contractor.

Q: Do you cover my area/location?

Our contractors are worldwide, and the numbers are ever-expanding. The majority can work remotely.

Q: What if the contractor calls in sick during a project?

Our Account Management service means that we are in regular communication with both you and the contractor throughout the duration of the contract, so we are prepared for such eventualities. Our team is available during office hours in global time zones via our Technical Support desk, so you can be confident your work will still be completed with minimal interruption.

Q: Can I give feedback on a contractor after the work is done, and where do I post it?

Yes. Clients can rate our contractors across a number of criteria, from skills and ability to general and personal capability. If you have any feedback during our engagement, your assigned account manager will be happy to deal with the request.

Q: What happens if a contractor comes across a problem outside of their skills?

All ClearHub contractors have access to our support team and a combined 60 years of Atlassian experience at Clearvision. If there’s a technical challenge, your project and contractor are in safe hands.

Contractor FAQs

Q: Who is ClearHub for?

ClearHub is a service aimed at independent professionals with previous work experience and skills in the Atlassian toolset. The idea of affiliation with us is that you can grow this area of your skillset as a member of ClearHub, whilst utilising your current knowledge in the workplace and getting paid for it.

Q: How will clients choose me?

Initially by your area of expertise. Once you're signed up and approved, we'll get in touch and work with you to match you to relevant projects.

Q: How does the testing work?

Once you've signed up and we've talked through your background and experience and ascertained your area of expertise, you will be invited to undertake an Atlassian-based technical evaluation, which can be done remotely. We then grade you, grant you full approval and affiliation and keep you updated with medium- to long-term contract offers. As a ClearHub contractor, you will have access to ongoing mentoring and professional support, which means you'll benefit from Clearvision's official Atlassian expertise and experience.

Q: What is the cost?

Joining ClearHub is completely free. All we need is a little of your time to undertake the initial testing, and this can be done remotely.

Q: Can I browse your work opportunities?

Rather than list work opportunities on our website, we match your skillset to a project requiring those skills, thereby ensuring compatibility. Once you're approved, a member of the ClearHub team will get in touch with you whenever a project relevant to your skills and location becomes available. At this point, you will be able to access a detailed job specification.

Q: Can I continue to find my own jobs, outside of ClearHub?

All of our contractors remain self-employed and independent. This means you are free to work elsewhere whenever and however you wish. All we do ask is that it doesn't affect your professional approach to any current project you happen to be contracted to through us.

Q: What Clients am I likely to be working with?

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, the list is large. Most of our clients are in the software, banking, telecommunications and private sectors.

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